Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get Carried Away in SATC2 Fashion!

I am so excited to go see SATC2, I can hardly stand it! But what I most looking forward to, besides finally seeing Aiden and Carrie give it another whirl, is the ridiculously amazing fashion.

The fashion frenzy surrounding the film started months ago when Carrie was splashed across one of the official movie posters in a pair of gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gladiator sandals. The fabulous shoes are a feminine rendition of Vivienne's popular Pirate Boot, that I also featured here a few months ago. These strappy wonders were just the beginning of the fashion craze my four favorite fashion-forward fashionistas have in store for us.

Love her or hate her, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is still one sexy @itch, and almost all of her SATC styles have been totally steal worthy. For a scene in the movie set in Abu Dhabi (and shot in Morocco), Samantha is rocking amazing Egyptian Cleopatra earrings by Wendy Brandes. I would DIE to have these 18K gold snakes, adorned with 1.36 carats of diamonds, draping from my ears!

Another fierce looked pulled off in the flick is a large ball-gown skirt paired with a simple tee. Not necessarily an outfit I would choose to go shopping, like Carrie would, but definitely a look to take note of. Carrie wears her adorable Dior top with an asymmetrical bottomed puffy purple skirt in one of the first scenes in the Middle East. Love it!


Since we all can't pull off ball gowns on a regular Tuesday afternoon, Carrie serves up some more traditional street savvy looks. We've got plenty of time before Labor Day to wear this wonderful white frock by Halston Heritage. Paired with a classic Chanel clutch, sexy sunnys and Louboutin python heels?? YES PLEASE!!


Carrie literally almost stops traffic in one scene where she wears another beautiful cobalt blue cocktail dress by Halston Heritage. But I must say it's the accessories that make this look. Her Jimmy Choo Iola cuff is keeping it street, and her Louboutin heels and Jee Vice heated orange shades are keeping it HOT.


Now, if the movie is nearly as good as the fashion the girls are bringing to the big screen, we're all in for a REAL treat!

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  1. Love it!! Can't wait to see the movie and all of the fashion. xoxo

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