Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kate Moss Delivers

Kate Moss may have the reputation of being a bad girl (hello,"Cocaine Kate"), but she's definitely making up for it in her latest Spring/Summer 2010 Collection for Topshop. When peeking at the beautiful vintage inspired pieces, this supermodel's rocky past is instantly forgotten, and it seems as though Kate can do no wrong.

Most of the pieces in the collection are surprisingly affordable, and those that are not, well... they're totally worth breaking the bank. Who needs gas or electricity in the summer anyway? Keep the windows open and just strut around your crib in any of these luscious "MUST HAVES" to keep COOL.

I absolutely love how versatile this collection is! It's ultra feminine, with a BoHo chic feel, but paired up with the right accessories, shoes or accent pieces, it has the ability to transform you into instant ROCK STAR.

How amazing are these railroad lace-up hot pants?


and Spice...

Another favorite from the line is the grey silk Open Back Playsuit. I featured a photo of both the front and the back above to try and capture it's cuteness, but I don't think the photos can do it justice.

These are just a handful of pieces from the vast collection... Check out the entire line for yourself to see all of the drool worthy attire she has in store for us.

Rock on Kate... you've redeemed yourself.


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