Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Loving DIY Layers...

Want to multiply your summer wardrobe? Get crazy with the scissors this season to mix up pieces you already own to create new looks! If you're like me, then you probably have drawers full of ol' tank tops... from jersey tanks to racer backs. And if you're a fellow mountain dweller, or anyone who lives where there are actual seasons, then you probably have ol' thermals, sweaters, or snug-cropped knits laying around that won't be getting much use until the sunshine fades.

Do you see where I'm getting at here? Double up these (modified) looks to double your wardrobe.

I saw this look on a fashion blog today, and now I am literally counting down the hours until I get home and create my own rendition!

Visions of old cardigans and flimsy racer backs are running through my head.
Photo Credit: fashiontoast

Hello... Am I the only one who thinks this "SoCal BoHo Street Look" is totally money?!

If you're not a fellow clothes hoarder, lucky for you, this steal-worthy look is still easy to create. All you need is an over-sized tank, and a thermal/waffle weave or fitted knit, cut up, to add some structure.

This tank from T by Alexander Wang is a perfect selection to drape under your cut-up creation.

Snag a snug waffle-knit thermal from your local Target, and if they're no longer in stock for the season, American Apparel has a huge and affordable ($20!) collection. This one below is from their MEN'S selection, but sizes start at XXS (and you're cutting it anyway)!

Since the scissors are already out, why not get a little snip happy and see what else you can make?

I've been seeing overpriced cut-off jean shorts EVERYWHERE this season, and the first thought that comes to mind when I do is the summer after 8th grade. I remember sitting around with my girlfriends, cutting all of our old jeans, and then tossing them in the dryer over and over again (sorry Mom) to create perfectly fringed "worn" jean shorts. Why not be nostalgic and do the same thing with your outdated denim this weekend?

Photo Credit: We Heart It

Now with all the extra dough you saved, you can buy yourself some more accessories and shoes! ♥


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