Monday, August 9, 2010

Triple Threat

Jessica Simpson may sing and act, but what she really should be known for is her knack for designing some seriously sexy shoes! One of her latest wonders, the Dany, brings two of the features I'm generally looking for in a heel... height and HOTNESS. I'm ridiculously short, and my stumpy legs are not nearly my favorite asset, but I can't imagine any legs would look less than fierce in these puppies.

The heel may stand at a whopping 5.8", but with that hefty platform in front, I can't imagine they'd feel painfully high. Either way, they are way too cute and way too affordable to turn down.

Dear Jessica: Please stick to designing... this is clearly your niche.



  1. i agree! im always surprised when i see the shoes--they look fierce

  2. omg! i totaly love them!!!
    I just bumped into your blog! it's FAB! love it! will come back soon!
    take a look ay mine when you have a minute!
    xoxo from rome

  3. wish i could pull off those show! there just a bit high for me but i love them!

  4. I want those in the beige!

    Love Grace.

  5. and they look so awesome with socks!

  6. Seriously love your blog. Consider yourself followed! Keep up the great posts x

  7. These are wicked!! I am always suprised at her design abilities...definitely a forte!! xo E. p.s. following!