Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Very Charming Giveaway

Earlier this year I was introduced to an amazing line of scarves by Donni Charm. I instantly fell in love with their fresh and sophisticated look, but what intrigued me the most about Donni Charm was the inspirational back story. Alyssa Wassko, a local 21-year old designer, started creating these gorgeous cotton jersey scarves  in light of losing her father. Her father's name was Donald, she was his precious "little charm", and creating these scarves was a huge part of the healing process for Alyssa.

Never did Alyssa dream that what began as a way for her to "feel her Father's arms around her" would turn into the fast-growing fashion phenomenon it is today. They've already expanded their vast selection of scarves to tees and tanks, and show no plans of stopping there. Worn by famous celebrity fashionistas, such as Jessica Biel, Naomi Watts and Kim Kardashian, Donni Charm is a must-have addition to every trend tracker's closet. 

The Donni Charm line and Alyssa's story means more to me today than ever before. Just 2 months ago my father, who is coincidentally named Donald as well, fell into a coma after suffering from a severe cardiac arrest. He's out of the coma, but not nearly out of the woods. Alyssa's inspirational story has been with me through this entire experience, and I have continued to look to her story for strength.

The Donni Charm team has been gracious enough to host "A Very Charming Giveaway" on Ash Hearts Fash this month. One lucky reader will win a coral Donni Charm cotton triangular fringe scarf, enhanced by two love knots and angel wing good luck charms, from their Spring 2010 collection.

Photo Credit: Donni Charm

Are you in it to win it? All you need to do is FOLLOW my blog (through Google Friend Connect on the lower right hand side of this page), and then post a comment on this entry telling me something that has INSPIRED you to do something Charming. The promo begins today, July 1st, and will run until July 20th.

This giveaway holds a very special place in my heart, and I'm so excited to see who wins. I already have the scarf ready to go, served up in an adorable container, with a wing charm attached to open the lid!

Thanks for playing, and GOOD LUCK!!

P.S. I will post the pics for What I Wore Wednesday tonight. It's been a very busy 2 weeks, but I promise I won't leave ya hanging!



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  2. awesome scarf! i love love it! very similar to an h&m shawl i have in my recent post!
    great blog btw ! lovely pics DEF following you!
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway (gaga inspired shades)

    xo elena

  3. i spent a week volunteering with habitat for humanity and that experience has inspired me to volunteer at other organizations and to donate more money, items i don't need and time because it really makes a difference!

  4. These scarves are super cool... Do they have a men's line?

    Ashley Dawn Peanut is my inspiration... Her resilience and determination are remarkable. Love her.

  5. I love this scarf mainly because it's very seasonal
    & can be worn casually with jeans, shorts, tanks, or
    in cold of's screams SEXY!!

  6. love this scarf, and the story behind them. I lost my grandmother and own father 2 months apart last year and it is rough sometimes. I am now following you on GFC and right now I am currently in Guatemala. Something charming I have been doing is handing out quetzales to local elderly beggers on the street and the market etc... Many people walk by them, but the sight of an older person begging for money really has me bummed since unlike younger folk, they are too old or frail to work.

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  7. I FOLLOW your blog (through Google Friend Connect) - Hofken. My job as a public defender has INSPIRED me to do something Charming; specifically, to provide pro bono services to the mentally ill.

  8. a thing that inspired me to do something charming is my grandfather death, he died 7 years ago. in his memory I'm trying to help every old man I meet.

    theodora_1989 at hotmail dot com

  9. Hmm, actually you inspired me to make a similar charming scarf for myself. It's not as gorgeous as this one, but it will comfort me a little if I do not win :).


  10. a young college age friend of my brother recently died from a rare form of cancer...truly tragic, but it taught me to embrace life while i have it. i'm going to go back to school, something i've always wanted, because life is too short to give up on your goals.

    i'm following!

  11. I follow - ktkatherine
    I am inspired to do something charming everyday as with my job I come in contact with low income people - It makes me work towards creating a better world for people who don't have a lot.
    kkondek at

  12. I mentor new teachers. Everyday I do "charming things." I help them in lots and lots of ways. I know I'm giving back so much to the system I worked for.


  13. Wonderful!!!

    A book is my inspiration:
    The Blessings of Love

    I post it on my fan page

  14. I follow you :) My sweet little niece inspired me to make her a charming quilt :) Now she wants another one!

    chirpatme at rocketmail dot com

  15. GFC
    I'm living in the Czech Republic this summer with a cz family. I noticed that the mother of the fam does little things for her friends, family, and even me and doesn't get many thank yous or much credit for it. (She cooks the favorite meal of someone if they visit, leaves me european chocolate on my pillow, cleans up after EVERYONE all the time, etc. So I learned how to say "just because" in Czech and I gave her some flowers "jen tak." Charming.

    deannalw47 @

  16. gfc name is evil_eva12

    My Grandparents inspire me everyday. From them, I know that helping out others, especially when they don't ask you to, is a very worthy deed. It's nice to help out others :)

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  17. I follow you by google friend connect.

    I'm always inspired to be charming to my significant other ;P

  18. i follow you!

    i am always inspired by my awesome family!


  19. Hello!


    I am following your blog:

    Congratulations, eunie cho
    You are now following ash hearts fash
    Invite your friends - View Blogger Dashboard


    Dear Ashley,

    After reading your and Alyssa's story, I must say that this is becoming close to my heart as well. I can relate because I am very close to my father, as well, and I feel Alyssa's pain of coping by creating beautiful things.

    I truly hope your father gets well soon. Best wishes to you and your whole family<3.

    What inspired me to do something charming? To relate it back to Alyssa's story, and her being her father's "charm," I can relate in that I always encourage my cousin Michelle to do her best in school. I'm always there to encourage her to pursue her dream of attending West Point, and I always remind her of her strengths. I guess in this way, I am being a sort or "charm" to her, pushing her in the right direction.(:

    Thanks for your and Alyssa's story. I was touched by it. Best wishes to your family again!!! <3

    - Eunie

  20. I am already your follower. My mother is my inspiration to be a better person.


  21. I just finished this wonderful book called Half the Sky about women's issues in the developing world. It has reminded me to recommit to my work in my nonprofit and not let the mundane nature of work get me down!

  22. I am following your blog.

    And my mother's example has prompted me to donate to charities rather then giving x-mas or birthday gifts. Instead I donate in that person's name


  23. You know why I love these scarves...the same reason you do!

    I can't believe I almost missed this giveaway! I'm in!!!!