Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's in My Suitcase this Summer?

I'm going to Canada to visit my boyfriend's family summer cottage in a few weeks, and the first thought that comes with every vacation is... what will I pack?? As I make my packing list, I've decided to share my TOP 10 Summer Items with you, too!

First on my list, as an Esthetician and very fair-skinned girl, is sunscreen. I am (still) addicted to Dermalogica, and their Solar Defense Travel wipes are no exception to this obsession. They are super travel friendly and great on the go!

Next up are my sunnys! I still love my Ray Ban aviators, but let's it face girls, bigger is better... especially on vacation when you might need a "do not disturb" sign for your face. I have a pair similar to these serious shades by Oliver Peoples, and they're perfect for bright summer days.

I don't go anywhere in the summer without my flip flops! For the past few years I have been loyal to Havaianas... hey, if it aint broke, don't fix it! The buttery Brazilian flip flops will not give you blisters and are comfy enough to wear all day and all night. The grey/silver Slims are my favorite... they match just about everything, and are a little more funky than traditional black.

Most summer vacations include a body of water, right? Either a lake, ocean, pool or river. I will be living on a dock by the lake in my bathing suit for 5 days, so even though it's not first on this list, my bikini will probably be the first thing to go in my suitcase! I always gravitate towards busy prints and bright colors when bathing suit shopping, but I always end up wearing my good 'ol basic black bikini. Black looks great on everyone, even pasty people like me. I love this solid suit by Vix Swimwear (as seen on Ashley Tisdale). The fuller bottoms are still super sexy, and the halter top even flatters my smaller busts.

Unfortunately I can't live on the dock, and will need to take a break for refills, so a cute cover-up is definitely in order. I'm a big fan of using one of my boyfriend's button downs for quick and easy coverage, but since he's not such a fan, I'll probably pack a few of my own. I ADORE this bohemian inspired tunic, also by Vix.

My cover-up may be great for the day, but I might need to throw on a little something more for an evening barbecue or gathering. This is where my rekindled love for the Maxi Dress comes into play. Yes, I am still obsessed with Gyspy05.... I think it's safe to say it's going to be a long standing love affair. Most of their dresses are silk, but I love this vintage looking cotton Amber Maxi Dress-- great for traveling.

I've gotten good at being a minimalist on these summer vacations-- meaning "limited" use of the hair dryer and flat iron. One product that makes my no-fuss hair manageable is Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I have really straight and super fine hair, but this product makes me look like a total beach babe. It's basically salt water, "umph", and magic in a bottle.

Another no-fuss summer must is a sun hat. Not only will it shade your face, but it will also hide your messy tresses. Love this one from Planet Blue, but any floppy sun hat will do the trick!

Even though I hope that my trip consists of only sunny days with equally warm nights, the reality is it will probably get chilly. I can't imagine I'll need my winter parka, but a lightweight sweater or cardigan is perfect. I love just about anything by Elizabeth and James, but this Button Back Cardigan is particularly amazing. It can be worn casual and loose, or buttoned up the back for a more fitted look.

Last but not least, I don't go anywhere without a good book! I primarily read chick-lit, and there are quite a few new ones out that I've had my eye on lately. As ridiculous as it sounds, I'm obsessed with Tori Spelling! I love her drive, her fashion sense, and her ability to laugh at herself. I've enjoyed her previous books, so I'm hoping her latest, Uncharted TerriTori, ends up in my carry-on!

Cheers to fabulous summer vacays!



  1. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  2. Love this! And omgosh I've never seen spf wipes before, intriguing!

    xoxo Maria

  3. I love your packing list!


  4. Your packing list has everything a girl could ever need for a summer vacay!!! I also love that ViX little black bikini & cover-up! & everyone knows that Havaianas flip flops are the comfiest sandals around!!!