Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Comeback Kid

Fashion comes in one year and out the other... But hold onto those skinny jeans girls, because everything great in the trend world seems to make a comeback. Take the flannel shirt for example... On my way home from lunch, at a favorite downtown Denver deli, I spotted 3 young hipsters rocking the grunge look of the 90's. Each girl with her own distinct sense of style, but all sporting a familiar re-kindled look of grunge I remember from my alternative rock and Kurt Cobain obsession days. I've been hearing more and more about grunge lately... I've seen Sienna Miller and Mary Kate Olsen rock the BoHo Chic look for the past few years, and I even noticed "Grunge" as a style for New York's spring Fashion week, but it wasn't until this afternoon that I realized this urban look has totally made full circle. After flipping through my old yearbooks, and reminiscing over some embarrassing scrapbooks, I tried to think about how I could bring some flannel and grunge back into my wardrobe, without dressing entirely as I did circa 1995. The possibilities of modern mash-ups of denim and flannel are endless... not to mention the comeback of the leather legging. Rocking a long flannel shirt, with a big bold belt, some leather leggings, and a cool motorcycle boot is just the right combination of sexy and rock and roll. Something along these lines is edgy and fashion forward... without suggesting you haven't showered in a month. Hit up your local 2nd hand store, and try to find some pieces to freshen up what you already own... Just do your best to look like you don't care. If you do care how you look... well, that's not too grungy is it?

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