Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just call me Recessionista Fashionista

So, I'm a tad bit pissed I missed the bus on this, but better late than never...

Rodarte, a high end fashion label designed by self taught sisters (totally righteous-- I know), had an exclusive collection for GO International at Target from December through February. With their roll out of GO in 2007, Target has been giving high end boutiques and popular mall shops a run for their money providing affordable high-end fashion by emerging international designers for prices you simply can’t expect from a department store.

Not sure if Target is still carrying the Rodarte line in stores, but it's totally still rockin' the website.... and at these severely slashed sale prices, they're practically giving it away!

The Little Black Dress (LBD) :  “a sort of uniform for all women of taste.” - Vogue

And tell me this bathing suit doesn't look like it just washed up ashore from circa 1950?? Lovin' the retro vibe... and the price tag!!!!!! This deserves an OMFG.

I can't wait to see who's next on the GO International band wagon...

Can I get an Amen?


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  2. Hi :)

    Please do not apologize for looking on the price tag, most of us fashionistas do^^. You are right, the Rodarte for Target collection rocks! I am a little envious because in Europe there are no Target shops! Happy shopping my dear!